Specialist Flat Braided Slings


We have interest in all areas of the lifting trade which requires our products, especially in the offshore industry. Due to the isolation of an offshore rig, keeping a good supply of everything you need can sometimes be difficult. However by purchasing our braided wire slings, you will not only receive a high quality product, but also the durability of our slings means compared to webbing or round slings the frequency of replacing them will be greatly reduced, this leads to a much more efficient and secure solution to your everyday lifting situations.

Flat woven wire slings are used where reduced contact pressure is required in slinging delicate but heavy materials such as machined surfaces, soft metal rods, and metal tubes which require a firm and flat grip.

  • Flat Braided wire sling: Made from 10 or 12 wires with a tapered ferrule round plaited soft eye each end, thimbles can also be used. Much more flexible than a single wire and due to it being flat rather than round there is a greater grip on the surface lift area.  This type is our most economical wire sling and is excellent as a general purpose lifting sling.
  • Plait Senit wire sling: Similar to a Flat Braided wire sling but has no ferrules so there is less chance of the sling snagging on the item which is being lifted, making it safer to work with. Fibre ropes can also be incorporated into the sling which makes for a longer wearing and better gripping wire sling.  This type is generally used on heavier lifts.
  • Leno Woven wire sling: Similar to a Plait Senit wire sling but was specially designed and patented to have a higher resistance to spreading under the load pressure of the lift.  This type is generally used on heavier lifts.
  • Ultraflex wire sling: Ultraflex slings have a superior flexibility and a higher resistance to ‘kinking’ than a standard single wire. This makes them easier to work with particularly when using them on a chocker hitch application.

Each sling is made from galvanised wire rope  with a construction of 7x19 or 6x36, 1960 N/mm2

All slings have a 5:1 safety factor and come complete with a certificate of conformity